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Lucas Bishop
Biographical information
Full Name Lucas Bishop
Alias Bishop
Species Homo Superior
Gender Male
Place of birth place unknown (Earth-1191)
Relatives -
Mutant Powers Energy absorption
Affiliation X-Men, X-Men (Earth-616)
First Appearance in Earth-295
X-Men Vol 2 #41
"There is much I can't...clearly recall."
Lucas Bishop explaining his memory situation to Quicksilver [src]

Lucas Bishop originated from a future alternate timeline (Earth-1191). He time traveled into the past and was stranded. He inevitably joined Charles Xavier's X-Men team in the Earth-616 timeline.

Knowing that Legion intended on traveling back in time even further to kill Magneto, Bishop and a few other X-Men followed him, trying to prevent it. But when Xavier was accidentally killed instead, time and space warped and formed a new timeline, Earth-295.

Bishop, having already been time-displaced, did not blink out of existence like Psylocke and the others. He remained alive at the birth of the new alternate timeline.


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