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Henry McCoy
Biographical information
Full Name Henry McCoy
Alias Dark Beast
Species Homo Superior
Gender Male
Place of birth United States of America
Relatives (unknown)
Mutant Powers Super strength, fangs and claws
Affiliation Elite Mutant Force
First Appearance in Earth-295
X-Men: Alpha Vol 1 #1
"No pain, no gain."
— Henry McCoy talking to Frederick Dukes [src]

Henry McCoy is a mutant in the service of Apocalypse. He is the head geneticist, conducting experiments on humans and mutants alike.

While Henry McCoy was doing experiments with Frederick Dukes in his lab, Alexander Summers and Scott Summers witness the experimental mutant break loose and attack McCoy. Scott blasted Dukes to rescue them. Alex immediately got into an argument with his brother, which was ended by Sinister. McCoy quickly slipped out unnoticed.


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