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Erik Lehnsherr
Biographical information
Full Name Erik Lehnsherr
Alias Magneto
Species Homo Superior
Gender Male
Place of birth Somewhere in Europe
Relatives Anna Marie Lehnsherr - Wife
Charles Lehnsherr - Son
Pietro Maximoff - Son
Wanda Maximoff - Daughter
Mutant Powers Manipulate magnetic fields
Affiliation X-Men
First Appearance in Earth-295
X-Men Vol 2 #41
"Anyone willing to take part in this raid, isn't likely to make it back alive."
Erik Lehnsherr addressing his X-Men [src]

Erik Lehnsherr is a mutant who befriended Charles Xavier years ago.

In the Prime Universe, Erik would become the enemy of Xavier and his X-Men. Xavier's son David Haller traveled back in time to the point when Erik and Xavier had recently met. David intended on killing Erik before he could become evil. But, during the superpowered fight, Xavier sacrificed himself to save his new friend Erik.

Xavier's death at the hands of his future son would end up warping time and space, creating the alternate reality known as the Age of Apocalypse (Earth-295). Mourning the death of his friend, Erik vowed from that day forward to carry out Xavier's dream of humans and mutants living peacefully together.

Over the years, Erik formed the team he deemed the X-Men and took on the alias Magneto.

Years after Xavier's death, Magneto and his X-Men discovered Bishop and took him back to their compound. Using Rogue's absorption powers, she was able to steal Bishop's memories and transfer them to Magneto. Through Bishop's memories, it was then that they realized that their reality was an alternate one.


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