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En Sabah Nur
Biographical information
Full Name En Sabah Nur
Alias Apocalypse
Species Homo Superior
Gender Male
Place of birth Egypt
Relatives -
Mutant Powers Armored body, Super strength
Affiliation -
First Appearance in Earth-295
X-Men Vol 2 #41
"They were the weak...and such is their fate."
En Sabah Nur, regarding a pile of human skeletons [src]

En Sabah Nur, more commonly known as Apocalypse, is one of the most powerful mutants the world has ever seen. Having been born thousands of years ago, he might possibly be the very first mutant.

Having been in hibernation for many long years, the superpower battle between Magneto and Legion drew Apocalypse's attention. It was at the time of Charles Xavier's death, and the new reality (Earth-295) was created, that Apocalypse initiated his conquest of the world.

Years later, around the time the X-Men discovered Bishop and learned of the secrets the time-traveler held, Apocalypse gathered his Horsemen to address them of the coming battle.


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