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Anna Marie Lehnsherr
Biographical information
Full Name Anna Marie Lehnsherr
Alias Rogue
Species Homo Superior
Gender Female
Place of birth United States of America
Relatives Erik Lehnsherr - Husband
Charles Lehnsherr - Son
Pietro Maximoff - Stepson
Wanda Maximoff - Stepdaughter
Mutant Powers Power absorption
Affiliation X-Men
First Appearance in Earth-295
X-Men: Alpha Vol 1 #1
"Don't let us down, Erik. You're all the hope we have..."
— Rogue speaking to Magneto [src]

Anna Marie Lehnsherr is a mutant, husband to Magneto and one of the leaders of the X-Men.

Rogue was with the team of X-Men that found Bishop and brought him back to their compound. Using her absorption powers, she was able to steal Bishop's memories and transfer them to Magneto. Through Bishop's memories, it was then that they realized that their reality was an alternate one.


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